Friday, 19 March 2010

Telethon in France

Since 1987 and each year in France, the Telethon, a French charity appeal, takes place the first weekend in December.

The appeal gains the majority of its money from donations by individuals who may themselves have raised the funds by taking part in sponsored events.

If you wish to take part, visit your local mairie. They will give you details of the organizers. During a meeting, associations interested to organized events to raise money will be explain what they are planning to organise. They will be looking for volunteers.

- If you are a member of an association, check with the president, your club may have planned to organise some events too.

In Evran in Brittany (10 min from Dinan), one of the events was a human table Football Table. I contacted a few English friends and got a team of Brits! They all seemed to have fun and managed to raise 50 euros.

Every little bit counts!

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