Saturday, 18 December 2010

The snow is back!!

They have been forecasting snow for a dew days in Brittany and it arrived yesterday!!

It doesn't usually snow very often in Brittany but this year it is the second time in 2 weeks and the winter has not even started!!

I just enjoy walking round and taking photos!!
i hope you will enjoy them...

This photo represents our gite and its garden.

How to pay the taxe d'habitation online

You can pay the taxe d'habitation online prior to 20th December for holiday homes. You are now to late if you reside in France (the deadline was 15/20th Nov).

See on your tax (avis d'imposition) the different reference numbers (numéro fiscal, Référence de l'avis, etc) and the web site. It is rather straight-forward.

Follow this link here
Click on:

Click on « Payer en ligne »
Numéro fiscal : enter your fiscal number which you will find on your income tax form or any other taxes
Click on “Payer en ligne”
Enter the reference number of the tax you are paying.
(référence de l’avis)
You will have to enter your French bank details. Once the tax is paid you will receive an email confirming your payment. Keep it for your records.

Please note you won't be able to pay your tax online once you have missed the deadline.

More information here

Please send me an email here if you require assistance with paying your taxe d'habitation online or after the deadline.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Firework display in Quevert this Friday 17th Dec 2010

Quevert is having a pre-Xmas party tomorrow night from 8pm. Hot drinks will be served.

Quevert is next to Dinan in Brittany.

Quevert summer firework display is exceptional so I guess this one will be too!

Free admission.

Smoke alarm regulations in France

Smoke alarms in France are compulsory in buildings that welcome public (hotels for example) but they will only be compulsory in 2015 for private houses.

Why wait so long?

When you think 10 000 people are injured and 800 people die each year in France in a fire... They could easily be saved.

Smoke alarms can be purchased from DIY shops or supermarkets in France.

They are about 10 euros each. Quite cheap when you think they can save your life...

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bus timetable - Dinard Rennes

If you are looking for a bus around Rennes or from Dinard to Rennes, try this link here. It is even in English.

I use the bus to get to Rennes station when I travel by train.

The bus actually takes you to the station (about 50 m from the front door!).

It is only 2.50 euros per person for the trip (1 hour long). Not bad!

Nantes airport

As the flight from Dinard to East midland was canceled the other day (28th Nov), I had to take our visitors to Nantes airport to catch the next flight to East Midlands.

I had never been to Nantes, nor the airport, but I must say I was impressed by both. The centre of Nantes and the airport.

The airport was very easy to find - very well sign-posted and parking was not a problem.

It took us 2 hours from Dinan. If you have to go to Nantes airport, go 2 hours early and visit the centre. The chateau is beautiful (it was too cold and windy to walk round the ramparts!), and the historical centre is worth a visit too.

I left my camera in the car so I can't even share photos of it!!

Pleyben impressive church!

As I was in Finistere last week visiting a client, I took the opportunity to visit the area at the same time.

I was very impressed by Pleyben Church. I wished Chris had his camera with him to take a better picture than mine!

We will have to go again!

See my other post about Locronan. Both places are a few miles away from each other and both worth a visit.

They are a good 2 hours away from Evran!!

The beautiful village of Locronan

As I was in the area visiting a client, I took a detour to visit the beautiful village of Locronan in Brittany.

Although most shops, cafés and restaurants were shut, I was very impressed by it.

I will certainly go back when the weather is better.

Locronan is in Finistère in Brittany about 200 km from Evran! It is well worth a visit.

Go and see the lovely church of Pleyben if you are going that way. See my other post..

Evran Christmas market

You can tell when Xmas is round the corner as nearly each village holds a Christmas market in France 'Marché de Noël". Unlike in the UK where decorations and all the Xmas marketing start in October, it all starts at the beginning of December over here in France.

Our village of Evran will hold their Xmas market this Saturday (18th) from 3 to 10pm.
Although they are showing some snow for this week, the market is indoor, so it should still be on!

River Rance on a winter but sunny day!

I took this photo of the River Rance 2 days ago, on a mild and sunny day. We don't get many nice days in December so we have to make the most of it!

We took a walk from Taden (next to Dinan) to La Vicomté sur Rance. The path along the river is great for cycling or walking. You can walk for miles and the scenery is beautiful!

We were ready for a hot drink when we got there! It is a good 30 minute walk, each way.

Evran in the snow

I would like to share this photo of our lovely area in the snow. The village you can see is Le Quiou.
About 15 min South of Dinan in Brittany - France.

The photo was taken 2 weeks ago when snow covered France!!

We were snowed-in and not having to go anywhere was a great relief!
I am glad I work from home...

Téléthon in Evran

The Téléthon was held, like each year, the first Friday and Saturday of December (3rd and 4th).

In Evran, a few events were organised. Our club "Gymetop" raised over 1 000 euros, selling home-made cakes and hot drinks on the Saturday. We also sold raffle tickets. Prizes were given to us by local shops and businesses. They were very generous once more this year.

The whole amount raised so far for 2010 in France is 90 756 400 euros.
For more information about this charity please visit the web site here.

Taden Christmas market

Taden Christmas market was held last Sunday (12th Dec 2010) and was once more a great event. So many great ideas for Xmas presents! Chocolates (my favorite stand!), paintings, baskets, necklaces, potteries, etc and the usual "galette saucisses" for a bite to eat.

Taden is near Dinan in Brittany. An evening craft market is held in the summer at the same place, around the "manoir de la Grand'Cour".

We have so many gifted artists in the area!