Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to get the 3G working on Smartphones with phone provider Free

 If like me you have just bought a Smartphone and use Free as your phone provider you might wonder how to get the 3G (Clé 3 G) working.

Although everything was turned on on the phone, I could not use the 3G. I asked various friends who knew a bit more than me but they could not help. I looked online for answers.. I was told my phone could be faulty.. I was getting frustrated..  

To sort it out was very easy! I contacted Free on their help line (3244 – premium call!) and they told me to simply download an application called ‘mobileconfig’.  Once downloaded, it worked straight away!

I hope this post will help others who live in France and who have the same problem that I had! 

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mobile phones and driving in France

In France, like in most European countries, it is illegal to use a mobile phone held in the hand while driving.
If you get caught, you could face a fine of €135 and three penalty points on your driving licence.

Prior to 2012, it was €35 and 1 point.  

The use of hands-free phones is authorized in France.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises = French Business Rates

If you run your own business in France, you will receive a tax to pay called

Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises”. 

It has to be paid by 15th December 2012. 

If you set up your business in France this year, you will be exempt from the French Business Rates and next year you will only pay half of it.

To pay this tax, you can either send a cheque from French bank account, pay by TIP or pay online.
Here is the procedure to pay your tax online.
Go to this web site here

Click on:
Enter your ‘Numéro fiscal’ (you will find this number on your tax).
Click on:
Payer en ligne  
Enter the ‘Reference’ (de l’avis)
Enter your bank details (It has to be a French bank account).
You will find a RIB in your French cheque book or on your bank statement.
Enter your email address twice and confirm (confirmez).

Within seconds you will receive a confirmation by email that your tax has been paid. Keep this email for your records.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Avis d’impôts Prélèvements sociaux - deadline today!

If you have a gite in France or any other income you might have received this tax: Prélèvements sociaux. 

Here is the procedure to pay your Prélèvements sociaux online.

Visit this web site here.  

Enter your  Numéro Fiscal. You will find it on your Avis (tax) under Vos Références. 

Click on Continuer

Payer en ligne
Enter your Reference. Again you will find it on your Avis (tax) under Vos Références and Référence de l'avis. 

You can modify the amount by clicking on 'Modifier le montant'. 

If you have already paid this tax online your bank details will be showing. You can change them by clicking on :
Modifier les coordonnées bancaires

Enter your email address twiced. 
Click on  Confimer

Within seconds you will get a confirmation by email. Keep this email for now. It is the proof that you have paid your tax online. 

Click on 'Retour'
Then 'Quitter'.

It is paid!

Today (15th November) is the deadline!

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