Friday, 19 March 2010

Integration in France

After relocating to France, you might find a bit lonely having left friends and family behind. Don’t just stay at home! There is a completely new life out there!

There are many ways you can take to integrate into your new community:

- You can join local clubs and associations. To find out about the different activities offered in your village visit your local mairie. See this post here about joining an association.

- If you wish to share your hobby, you can also set up your own club or association. See this post here for information.

- Invite your neighbours for an aperitif. It is a great way to meet your neighbours. Aperitifs are served around 11.45 am – 12.30 pm or in the evening around 6 – 8 pm. French people will only have 1 or 2 drinks and go home so don’t panic you won’t have to hold a conversation for the whole evening! Or bake a cake and invite them round for tea one afternoon. French people do like English cakes! Sponge cakes, coffee walnut, carrot cakes, etc. They all taste lovely and in France we don’t have any equivalent ones.

- Attending local events! Most villages or towns organised different events all year round. The Telethon (charity equivalent to the UK Children in Need) is always looking for volunteers to help or to take part! See my future post about Telethon!

- If you have children, why not invite the parents of your childrens’ friends for a drink? Again bake a cake and invite them round whilst your children are playing. You might find some people do speak a little English and might like to improve their language.

All the above ideas will help ease you into French life...

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