Friday, 26 March 2010

Déclaration commune des revenus des professions indépendantes

If you are self-employed as ‘indépendant’, you have probably received a form called “Déclaration commune des revenus des professions indépendantes” this week.

Although it has to be returned by 6th May 2011, I always fill my form straight-away as I don’t like to see paperwork on my desk! It has to be done so you may as well do it now!

If you have never done it online before as your French is not that good, follow my instructions:

Visit this web site

Click on ‘inscrivez-vous
Enter your Siret number
Your name
Your first name
Your phone number
And your email address
Click on “Valider

You will have to create a password.

You can then go to ‘identifiez-vous’ on the main page. All the above information will be required (siret number, name, password) each time you connect.

Click on “accèder à la déclaration”, click on ‘commencer’ (red writing).
Once you have entered the figures (turn over, etc), you will be able to print (imprimer) or save (enregistrer) the information.

It is best to print it so you have a proof that you have filled the form on time.

If you are unsure about the form, it is best to contact an accountant.


  1. I,ve got one of these to ! Good little post with the instruction you give, if I had seen it befor I sent the form to the accountant I might well have followed them.

    Some of your other tips are useful to.

    Nice blog.

  2. The forms have not changed since last year so the procedure explained above has not changed.

    I hope my post helps you to fill in the form.