Thursday, 18 March 2010

English Food shop in Combourg

I had heard about the Olive Tree, an English shop based in the lovely touristic town of Combourg, but hadn’t had a chance to visit them yet.

As I had an appointment in Combourg with an English couple buying a property in the area, I took the opportunity to pay them a visit this morning.

Although it looks small from the outside, I was amazed to see how many different products they had on the shelves! It was like Ali Baba cave!

They stock a wide range of English groceries including real ales, Heinz Baked Beans, tea bags, biscuits, jelly, oatcakes, shredded wheat, as well as English cards and books. Just about anything that you could possibly think of! They also have chilled and frozen produces (cream, fresh bacon, sausages, Cheddar cheese).

And if you can’t find what you are looking for, they will try and get the item into stock for you.

I am looking forward to eat a couple of oatcakes with a piece of cheddar cheese for tea tonight!

We often have guests staying in our gîte in Brittany looking for a few items they can’t find in supermarkets in France. Ie salad cream, baked beans, etc. I know where to send them now!

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  1. This shop has now closed down.....You can still find English food at local supermarkets around Dinan: Super U in Combourg or Lanvallay, Leclerc in Dinan or Intermarché in Lanvallay or Taden.