Friday, 21 October 2011

Harvesting walnuts

October is a busy month for harvesting fruit and nuts. I have been picking walnuts for over a month now. I have to be quicker than birds and squirrels!

Nuts drop naturally when their husks soften around September/October time. This year they were about 2 weeks early because of the hot weather we have had in Brittany.

You don’t actually pick them from the trees! If some nuts are on the floor still in their husk, use gloves otherwise you will get black fingers and nails for days!

My neighbour’s walnuts are huge!! See the above photo!

I will post recipes with walnuts on this blog soon.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fresh quails eggs

When you live in the countryside in France, you always end up swapping excess fruit and veg or other things with your neighbours !

Last week, we got a dozen of fresh quails eggs (oeufs de caille). Our neighbours just had new additions to the farm, a couple of quails! A few days earlier we had goose eggs. Not quite the same size!
I served the quails eggs with other nibbles with the aperitif. I simmered the eggs for 5 minutes and they were perfect – that is what the guests said as I didn’t get a chance to taste them! They disappeared very quickly!

No doubt, I will get more from my neighbours very soon so if you have interesting recipes with quails eggs, please feel free to add them to this blog.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Evran car boot sale today

Evran is having a braderie all day today. Mainly children cloths, toys, books, etc, but you will also find anything there!

I bought a few books and DVDs for a few euros.

I will have to organise another film night with the girls!

Evran is 10 min South of Dinan in Brittany.