Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Structural surveys for properties in France

When buying a house in France the vendor has to provide the buyer with reports identifying the presence of asbestos, lead in paint and the presence of termites and parasites. New reports include septic tanks, electrical safety and energy consumption in the house. See my post here about surveys.

All the above surveys are in French and none of them offer the 'English type' surveys which include general structural stability of the building. However, you can independently employ an English surveyor to carry one out for you.

It will identify defects which may need attention. Those defects could cost a lot of money to repair and turn your dream into a nightmare! A surveyor will be able to look at a property, and have the experience to spot faults which you may miss during your visit. Once you have the report – which will be in English - you can negotiate the price of the property or decide not to buy the property as it could be a money pit!

Nick Warner from Wellesley House Surveying will be able to help. He covers Brittany, Normandy and Loire.

See his link here for further details.

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