Thursday, 18 March 2010

Join an association!

Once you have moved to France, you might find a bit lonely having left your friends and family behind. To meet local people, why not join an association?

To find out what activities are offered, visit your local mairie. They will give you a list of associations and contact details.

Beginning of September, an open day (portes-ouvertes) is organised beginning of September in each village/town so you can meet the people who run the clubs and introduce yourself.

You can also join associations in a different village or town if you can’t find one you fancy in your commune. Most clubs and associations are non-profit making and run by volunteers so the joining fee (cotisation) is often kept very low.

I pay €50 for the year for kit fit classes. The “year” starts in September and the last sessions are in June. When I think I used to pay 5 pounds per session in Jersey, it is a lot cheaper over here!

I also go to a basket weaving class once a week and the 'cotisation' is 10 euros! See photo.

Our village of Evran, located 10 km South of Dinan, has 1600 inhabitants and around 25 different associations (sawing classes, hunting club, badminton, keep fit, cycling, drama classes, etc). Something for everyone.

And if you can’t find an association you which to join, why not set up your own? See this post about setting up an association.

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