Monday, 2 January 2012

NOZ - the bargain shop!

I discovered this shop called NOZ last year in Saint Malo. Since then, a new shop opened in Dinan near the cinema, a lot smaller but still interesting to visit on a regular basis. They have ‘stuff’ arriving twice a week and you never know what you will find there!

Food and drink, clothing for all the family, accessories, games/toys, cleaning products, books, CDs/DVDs, etc.

If you find a bargain, go for it as things seem to disappear very quickly! And once it is gone, they won’t sell it again. I bought some really cheap French wine last summer. Only €1.45 a bottle. My friends loved it and couldn’t believe the price. When I went back to buy some more bottles a few days later, they were all gone.

NOZ sells end-of-line, with huge discounts and price cuts. Looking at the packages, things seem to come from various European countries.

Before Christmas to my amazement i found Mr Kipling’s Mince pies! I didn’t share them!

I also found some thick mattress protectors for €3.50. Very handy for our gite in Brittany (self-cartering accommodation).

To find your nearest NOZ, visit this web site here.

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