Monday, 2 January 2012

Easy Cash – another bargain shop!

Euro Cash opened in Dinan last year. I knew the name as I had already visited one Euro Cash in Saint Malo a couple of years ago.
What can you find there?
Anything except cloths and furniture!
DVDs, CDs, books, ornaments, accessories, gardening and DIY stuff, music instruments, sports equipment (they have a good range of bikes), toys/games, hand bags, mobile phones, computers, etc.
It is not a charity shop! It is a ‘proper’ shop buying and selling second-hand things (produits d’occasion).
You can take your unwanted Christmas or birthday presents, clear out the clutter and make some cash from it as they will exchange your clutter for some cash. You don’t have to spend it in their shop. It is not a credit note but proper cash!
I have recently bought a few DVDs from this shop. I got 6 for €5. I can watch them and take them back! I won't get my €5 back - no doubt, but it was a bargain anyway!
To find out where your nearest Euro Cash is, visit this web site here and enter your nearest town, ie Dinan.

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