Thursday, 5 January 2012

Looking for ‘Day & Night Nurse’ at the chemist’s in France

I remember taking some tablets called ‘Day & Night Nurse’ when I lived in Jersey (Channel Islands) and how efficient they were.

As I have a cold with a sore through at the moment I urgently needed some tablets.

I have just been to the chemist’s in Dinan (Brittany, France) and found some. They are not called ‘Day & Night Nurse’ but ‘Actifed Jour & Nuit’. The box looks the same as the English ‘Day & Night Nurse’. Same shape, same colors, etc. It just has French writing on it. It was just under €4. You don’t need a prescription from your GP. Let's hope I feel better tomorrow!

Here are a few medical terms you might need if you have a cold and live in France:

Rhume : cold

Nez bouché : blocked nose

Fièvre : fiever

Maux de tête : headaches

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