Monday, 2 January 2012

Double Cream – what is it called in French?

Like the question about LARD, I get asked these questions on a regular basis...

What is Double Cream in French?

Where can I buy Double Cream in France?

I never use cream when I cook or bake as it is not so good for my diet!

However, I have just followed a recipe from the Hairy Bikers – the Mud Pie.... yum! Highly recommended!

I replaced the 600 ml of Double Cream by:

- 1 tub of Mascarpone (also called Mascarpone in French and it is easy to find in any supermarket in France)

- and 2 x 20 cl of crème liquide.

I whipped the Crème Liquide to soft peaks, and the Mascarpone in a different bowl, and it was perfect.

I prepared this pie for New Years Eve and it didn’t last very long. A big Thank you to the Hairy Bikers for sharing this recipe with us! See, even in France, you are famous!!

Si and Dave, if you visit Brittany, pop in and see us! ;o)

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  1. Love the Hairy Bikers, forgot All About this recipe, a must Try for me again. I was googling for double cream and what else I could use, thank you for sharing the idea of mascarpone cheese what a good idea