Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heating system in France for renovation or new build

In France the new way of heating a house, especially for new builds, is an aerothermal system (aérothermie).

An external unit (see photo on the right) extracts the heat from the air and is linked to an internal circuit. Most of new builds have underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators upstairs.

This system can also provide you with hot water (see photo on the left) and if you live in South of France, where summers are hot, it can be used for cooling or air conditioning. It is optional though.

If you are renovating a house in France and don't know what heating system to choose, look into it as it is very energy efficient. It doesn't take a lot of room and can replace your old oil or gas boiler.

If your main country of residence is France, you might be able to get some money back from the government, check with your local tax office (centre des impôts). It is called 'crédit d'impôts'.

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