Saturday, 6 February 2010

Education in France

During the last 6 years of helping Brits relocating to Brittany (France), I have assisted several families with finding a suitable school for their children. Visiting primary schools, colleges, lycées, getting all the necessary paperwork together and filling many forms, liaising with teachers, helping with homework, etc.
Before moving to France it is important for English children to learn – at least – some basic French.

I met Caprice in June when she moved to France with her parents. After visiting 3 schools she picked one in Dinan in Brittany and here is what she thinks, 7 months later:

Hello my name is Caprice and I have been living in France for 7 months. I live in a beautiful old city called Dinan in Brittany. I have been going to school for 5 months and I feel like I’m at home. I’m comforted by my friend’s and even in lesson’s if you don’t understand they will help you out when you need it the most. The education is important but you will pick to up so quick because of your relaxation. The people over here are so different because to show your friends you respect them you:
Girls: kiss your friends on the cheek
Boys: shake hands to your friends

You don’t do this the first time you meet someone.
The best thing to do is get into a holiday group before because you pick up most of the language with friends by having fun and enjoying or explaining yourself.

The differences between French and English schools are:
1. In France I don’t have to wear a uniform
2. The school hours are longer (8:00am-4:30pm)
3. I get Wednesdays off ( or half a Wednesday)
4. I also get help with homework after school activities
And 5. I eat at the canteen and the menu changes every week!

I love it!

Caprice (11 years old)

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