Thursday, 21 October 2010

Where to get petrol in Brittany

Strikes and shortage of petrol continue today in France...

I have just found a map on Ouest France web site where you can see what petrol stations in Brittany have petrol.

Some also show the maximum you can have (€30 or €40). You are not allowed to fill up jerrycans!

See this link here for the map.
I hope this helps.

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  1. All this striking, destruction and mayhem over not being able to retire until 62 instead of 60? It is quite eye-opening. People should grow up and understand it is not government's job take care of them, as if they were helpless babies.

    Greece, and now this. I hope Americans are paying attention. This is the road our elitist socialist leaders want to take us down. It doesn't work. You always run out of money as more and more entitlements are promised, especially when fewer and fewer are contributing to the system.

    Anyway, I hope order is restored soon, and the government doesn't give in to these tantrums. Brittany looks like a wonderful place to live, assuming there's some sanity behind the scenery. I hope Brittany is free of much of this criminal vandalism we are hearing about.