Monday, 4 October 2010

Emergencies in France – what an efficient service

I recently had to visit the emergencies in Dinan with Chris who badly hurt his finger doing some DIY. Once we got there I noticed 5 people in the waiting room. I thought we would have had to wait a while. But by the time we ‘checked in’ (showed our Carte Vitale) it was already our turn to see a doctor! We didn’t even have time to sit down!

A nurse and a doctor looked after him. He was sent for an X ray (he broke one of his fingers) then had 5 stitches on his finger.

On the way home, we picked up some pain killers and antibiotics from our local chemist’s.

All this done in less than 2 hours! And the best thing was……. we didn’t have to fill in any paperwork or pay anything towards the operation, X Ray or tablets.

I can once more conclude that the French Health service is really efficient!

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