Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How big are the mushrooms in France?!!

My neighbour gave us 2 mushrooms last week. He found them in his fields where he keeps his cows! They are ok to eat - so he said!!

They are called 'Vesse-de-loup géante' in French.

The Latin name is 'Calvatia gigantea'. They were as big as a rugby ball. A lot lighter though.

Unfortunately when we cut them they were off. The middle was yellow. We were looking forward to a mushroom omelet!! Next time!

When you move to France you might find a new hobby: Mushroom picking.

If you are unsure about eating them, you can take them to a chemist in France and they will tell you if they are ok to eat.
It is best to be safe than sorry!


  1. When I first started mushrooming my colleagues at work would talk about these giant puffballs (such as the one in the photo.)

    I must have misheard them because for years I was calling them "Fesse-de-loup géante" which does make sense in a strange sort of way!

    All the best


  2. Hi Keith

    Thanks for your message.
    i love the new name you found for them!!

    Actually people (including me!) call them "Veste de Loup". I only found out yesterday their real name. We learn everyday!

    But I do like your version though!


  3. My sister told me she found a couple of these giant puffballs in her backyard in Holland, looked them up online to see what they were, and ended up downloading several different recipes that used them. She said made some delicious dishes.