Wednesday, 27 October 2010

How to write a French address

I know it might sound like an easy thing but I often get asked by my English clients when they move to France how to write a French address. It is only easy if you know the answer! Here is the answer:

Start by putting on the same line the title of the addressee: ie M., Mme or Melle, then the surname in capital letters then the first name if you know it.
On the 2nd line, the company name if you are sending a business letter.
On the 3rd line, the street/road number and name.
And on the last line, the post code and town or village name in capital letters.

I often see English people adding the area where they live ie Brittany, but there is no need for it.

Here is an example of a French address:

Monsieur DUPONT Pierre
5 rue de la mairie
22100 DINAN

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  1. That is helpful -- thank you. We are used to including the state after the city here in the US, then the zipcode.