Monday, 4 October 2010

Ballroom and Latin American dance classes near Dinan in Brittany

June and Philip are offering some ballroom and Latin American dance classes this year again!

Based in Evran, near Dinan in Brittany.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 3pm

at La Salle Communale
17 rue de la Liberation
Evran (10 min South of Dinan)

Beginners to experienced dancers

Free lessons!!

Contact June on 02 96 82 29 78 for more info

Joining a club is a great way to meet people and improve your French!


  1. If I was over there, I'd like to take Breton dance lessons. Are those available to étrangers? It looks so fun! I do square dancing in the States. I have a couple CDs with music from Bretagne.


  2. Dear Micheal

    The lessons are available to anyone in France! You might need to speak a few words of French to start! ie left, right, etc!

    Whenever there is a festivity over here in Brittany, you always see people dancing. They are proud of their Breton dance and roots!

    I am not an expert so I can't give you any tips! Just come over and join a class!