Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Plan / extrait cadastral

When buying a house or a building plot in France, you will come across a document called ‘plan cadastral’. This document is issued by the “Cadastre” (Land Registry) which is part of the local tax office.

The section where the house or building plot is located is called ‘extrait cadastral’. This document shows the plots (parcelles) in question and the surrounding plots. Each plot is numbered.

The boundaries are not précised so if you want to know the exact limits you will have to employ a géomètre (land surveyor).

If needed, the mairie can print an ‘extrait cadastral’ if you give them the name of the hamlet or even better the section and plot number. The section is always a letter and the plot a number. Ie Section B, No 123.

The “extrait cadastral” is needed when applying for planning permission (for renovation or new builds) in France.

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