Tuesday, 8 June 2010

French channels – vanished overnight!

If you watch French TV and your TV is a few years old, you may have noticed you have lost your channels! It all happened whilst you were asleep. Don’t panic!

All you need is a TNT adapter. You can find one at your local supermarket for about €30 to €50.

A lot of French people rather buy a new TV than an adapter as they don’t want to have another remote control! Well, it depends on your budget.

If you have bought your TV recently, the TNT adapter is incorporated. You may have to look for some channels again. Some might have moved!

If you watch TV through the Internet or Satellite, there shouldn’t be any changes for you.

All this, just to have digital TV! You can find more information about it on this web site here.

The TV in our gite in Brittany is 7 year old so I will have to get a TNT adapter as we have French guests in July.

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