Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fishing area at Betineuc - work in progress

The summer has definitely arrived in Brittany. It was still 27 degrees at 7pm last night!
Chris and I went for a bike ride round Betineuc lake and checked on the fishing area which is nearly finished and ready to use! The diggers started work last Thursday and have worked hard on it.

The fishing area is along the Etang de la Grenouillère at Betineuc lake. Turn left before the crazy golf course.

In the pond you will find carps, perches, pikes, roaches, etc.

In the main lake, (20 hectares), you will find the same fishes but also tanches, senders, and other white fishes.

You will need of course a permit to fish. See my other post about how to get a fishing permits.

Betineuc lake is in Saint André-des-Eaux / Evran in Brittany, about 1 mile away from our gite in Brittany.

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