Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mobile massage therapist near Dinan

Yesterday I tested the Shiatsu massage given by Doriane who has just moved to my village in Evran, Brittany, France. I can recommend it! I was left very relaxed.

Here is some information about the 2 types of massage she offers:

A Californian massage:
Very relaxing and soothing massage, inspired from Asian techniques, particularly Indian using soft and enveloping effleurage movements, applying oil to the whole body, allowing a deep physical and psychical relaxation. It aims at harmonising the body and mind. 

Based on the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu has been official in Japan for over a century. Its techniques include kneading, pressure with thumbs and palms, over acupoints, body stretching and mobilisation.

Shiatsu is calming and relaxing, yet dynamic in effect; the body begins to re-adjust itself and healing takes place. It stimulates the body’s vital energy.
Shiatsu can offer support to your body if you are suffering from stress, sleeping or digestive problems, allergies, phobias, addictions, emotional troubles, chemotherapy etc.

You can contact Doriane by email 

Both massage are 50€ each.  If you are renting our gite in Evran, why not treat yourself to a massage?!

Evran is 10 min from Dinan in Brittany. 

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