Sunday, 26 February 2012

The gardening season has officially started round our house!

After months of avoiding the garden - the jungle, I have just been round to see what has to be done.

The list is long but here are the first jobs for this week:

Pruning fruit trees. We have 10 pear trees... and 4 apple trees.

Weeding and moving strawberries.

Weeding flower beds.

Today I have started with sewing tomato seeds. I am doing ‘only’ 3 types this year: Moneymaker, Marmande and Pomodoro San Marzano (it sounds like an Italian type to me!).

I got the Moneymaker and Marmande seeds from Lidl in Dinan and the Italian seeds from B&Q garden centre in England.

Let’s see which one will do best.

If you don’t have time to grow tomato plants yourself, you will find plants ready to plant in April/May from garden centres or supermarkets in France.

For the price of 1 plant you get a whole packet of seeds so it is well worth sewing them yourself. It only takes a few minutes. As you can see I use polystyrene boxes that I got for free from the market. They did smell of fish when I took them home but they are now fine!

I will leave them to grow in our gite, near the window. They tend to be happy there.

Let’s hope ‘Moneymaker’ works and I will become rich soon! ;o)

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