Sunday, 19 February 2012

Do you still have some French Francs?

You had until 17th February 2012 to exchange your last French Francs. If you missed that date, they won’t be worth anything! I guess collectors might be interested to have them in the future.

What were they worth in euros?

500 francs "Pierre et Marie Curie" (€76.22),

200 francs "Gustave Eiffel" (€30.49),

100 francs "Cézanne" (€15.24),

50 francs "Saint-Exupery" (€7.62),

20 francs "Debussy" (€3.05).

I lived abroad when France switched to the Euros so I didn’t have to worry about as I was using Pounds at the time.

I did find a 10 French Franc coin last week. It looked like a 1 euro coin. The lady at the shop gave it back to me and asked for some euros instead! I wonder where I got it from.

I might have to have my eye sight checked again!

See this link for more information.

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