Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brico Dépot opening soon near Dinan

I had heard rumors that Brico Dépot was going to open near Dinan but now I can definitely say, it is true!

I passed the old Super U in Plouër Sur Rance yesterday and noticed the name on the sign on the planning permit : Brico Dépot.

I heard the opening is planned for March 2012. Our nearest Brico Dépot was in Rennes or St Brieuc. This one is only 20 min drive.

Brico Dépot is a DIY shop famous for being cheaper than other DIY shops in France. Although it is not true. We have recently bought some electric cables from their branch in Rennes and found out the same day the 2 other big DIY shops in Rennes were cheaper by over 10%!

Like most DIY shops in France, BricoDépot also do van hire if you can’t fit it all in your car!

See Bricodepot web site here.

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