Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How to set up a phone line in France

To set up a phone line in France, you can either visit a France Telecom agency (there is one in Dinan in Brittany) or call 1014 from a normal land line. You can’t call this number from a phone box!

Press 1 (to set up a new line).

Wait until someone takes the call…

France Telecom will ask you for your name and address, date and place of birth, occupation, your bank details and the name of the previous occupant of the house (ie the previous owner or tenant). If you know the previous phone number, it is even better.

How much does it cost to have a phone line in France?

The set up fee is about €55. If France Telecom has to visit your property there is another charge of around €55. The monthly charge (abonnement) is €16. On the top you will have to pay for the phone calls. You will receive a France Telecom bill every 2 months.

France Telecom has all sorts of packages to offer. It just depends how often you will be using the phone and what country you would be calling the most.

If you are going to set up an internet connection, calls might be cheaper for you. Internet providers do offer packages where the internet connection and national and international calls are included. For example, I pay €29.99 per month for my internet connection and unlimited national and international calls to over 100 countries!

You can’t get cheaper! If you do, do let me know!

If you require any assistance with setting up a phone line in France, please contact me here and I will be able to help you.

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