Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Basket weaving classes in Brittany

The basket weaving classes have started already last week. We shall be back tonight. I can't wait to see our "basket weaving friends" again!

Anyone keen to join, here are the details:

The classes are every Wednesday evening from 8 to 10pm in St Domineuc in Brittany.
St Domineuc is about 15 min from Evran, South West of Dinan.

You will find us in the room along the canal. It sounds a bit vague but St Domineuc is a small village! If you find the canal, we will find us!

Anyone can join, beginners or advanced. They are not proper lessons, it is very informal. We all work at our own pace and there are 4 experimented men who are there to help if/when needed.

Just bring a sharp knife with you and a cloth to put on your knee. I use a leg from an old jeans!

It is only €12 for 6 months.

The last class is at the end of March and the party - oh yes a party !- is the first Wednesday in April.

They supply us with willow but you can bring your own.

Joining a club or an association is a great way to meet people and to improve your French. You will learn a few new words for example:

willow = osier,
basket = panier.

See you there!


  1. I will be in Brittany the end of June 2015 with two other basket weavers from the US. Do you still meet?

  2. Thank you for your message but classes are during the winter months only. You might like to visit a place called Villaines-les-Rochers just outside Brittany.