Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Woupi near Rennes

Woupi is an indoor playground (Wakey Warehouse type), in Cap Malo, North of Rennes (about 30 minutes drive from our gite in Evran).

It is €6 per child for one hour or €8 for unlimited time. It is free for adults.

It is open all year. As it is indoor only, it could be a great place to visit on a hot or rainy day. Hopefully we won't have too many rainy days this summer!

Drinks and sweets are available there for children and hot drinks and seating area for adults.

See this link for more information.

In Cap Malo, you will find all sorts of entertainments and shops. See this link here. Cinema, golf course, bowling alley, karting, soccer, kitchen place, DIY shop, garden centre, various restaurants, toy shop, etc.
You could spend there all day!!

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