Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Rophémel Dam in Guitté/Guenroc

I am always looking for something interesting to do on a bank holiday! On Monday 24thMay, I organised a walk in the area with a few friends. As it was extremely hot (already 20 degrees at 10am and over 30 in the afternoon!!) I had to review my choice of walk. I picked one which was in woodland so we were not too hot. Starting from the centre of Guitté in Brittany, (about 15 minutes South of Dinan), we walked along the dam (barrage de Rophémel) and back to the car.

I would recommend this walk. It was very enjoyable and the scenery was beautiful. See the photo!

It took us just under 3 hours and it was about 9 km long.

I have a book called ‘le pays de Dinan à pied”. It gives you a choice of 39 different walks all around Dinan in Brittany. Some are short, easy or a bit longer and harder!

If you come to Brittany for a walking holiday, I do recommend this book. You should easily find it in supermarkets, bookshops and sport shops in Brittany. If you are looking for a place to stay, see this link.

Whilst there you could visit the Château de Couellan and if you have children, the play area of Guitté will keep them amused for a while!

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