Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Vide greniers around Dinan on 8th and 9th May 2010

If you are on holiday around Dinan in Brittany or if you live around here, you might find a bargain at the following car boot sales:

On Saturday 8th May 2010 you will find vide greniers in Pleslin Trigavou (10 min North of Dinan), and in the centre of Quévert and St Méloir des Bois, about 15 minutes West of Dinan. They are close to each other so you can even visit the 3 of them in one day!

On Saturday 9th May, Pleudihen has its own vide grenier in the Salle des fêtes. At least it will be covered so even if it rains, you should stay dry!

Don’t forget, the 8th May is a bank holiday in France. Most supermarkets and shops will be shut.

See this link here for bank holidays in France.

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