Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Eco-participation on electrical or electronic appliances

I often get asked by my English clients what Eco-participation is. Here is a brief explanation about it. I hope you will find the information helpful:

When you buy electrical or electronic appliances in France, you have probably noticed if you live in France, you pay an extra charge.

For example, for a €450 plasma TV, the eco-participation is about €4.

For a €16 hairdryer, the eco-participation is about 5 cents.

The eco-participation is not a tax, as the French government doesn’t get 1 cent from it!

This charge covers for the future recycling of the item you buy. Recycling companies (éco-organismes) decide on the amount of the charge and receive the money from the shop where you buy the item from.

The average cost is about €0.52 per kg. 74% goes towards handling, 14% for transport and 12% for administration and other fees.

From 2011 onwards, the ‘éco-participation’ will probably be included in the price. It is already the case for tires. When you buy tires for your car in France, you pay for their future recycling without knowing.

Please note:

When you buy an electrical or electronic appliance from a shop in France, you can in exchange take the old one back. If you have the item delivered to your house, they can also take the old one away as part of their service.

You can of course take it to the déchetterie.

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