Thursday, 8 March 2012

Life in the countryside – always full of suprises!

I have just had a visit from my French neighbour, a retired farmer. Well he said he is retired but he works as much as before!

He turned up on his tractor and brought us a cherry tree he grafted himself a while ago. He also had a spade and a shovel!!

Today is apparently a right day for planting fruit trees! French people work the land according to the moon. Farmers definitely use this technique. Unfortunately although we have 2000 sqm of land, we don’t have any more room for a cherry tree. We have already 4 apple trees, 10 pear trees, walnut and hazel nut trees and 3 cherry trees.

He has hectares of land so I told him to plant it on his land and I would go and pick the cherries when they will be ripe!!

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