Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bricomarché in Dinan

This DIY shop offers a comprehensive range of gardening and DIY materials and tools.

They also sell pet food and accessories.

I find the staff there always available and friendly.

They can also organise deliveries if materials don’t fit in your car. It is always a problem when you buy plasterboard especially if you drive a Twingo like me!

You can also hire a van from them.

What I like about it, if you have a big order and you hire a van from Bricomarché, they will load it for you before you come and collect it.

We ordered 27 joists and 30 bags of cement as well as other stuff. This is 1 Ton to shift so I was glad to hear they were loading it for us!

To drive home and back to the shop was a quick round (just under 1 hour) and it only costs us 12 euros.

Bricomarché is our favorite DIY shop in Dinan. It is in Taden, North of Dinan on the Dinard road.

You can find Bricomarché all over France. Visit this site here

and enter your post code. You will then find out where the nearest shop to yours is

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