Monday, 24 August 2015

Rubbish collection for your French house

To find out when rubbish collection day is for your French property, ask your local mairie.
Depending where you live in France, it can be everyday in big cities like Paris or if you live in the countryside like I do in Brittany, bin day is once a week!

Place the bin outside your property the night before or at the end of the road next to your neighbour’s bin if you live in the countryside.
Check with your local authorities as they might provide a plastic 'wheely' bin free of charge.

You will get charged an annual rubbish removal tax, taxe d'enlèvement or redevance des ordures ménagères

If you buy a property in the following communes:

Dinan, Calorguen, Evran, Plouasne, Saint Juvat, Saint Judoce, Saint André des Eaux, Les Champs Géraux, Taden, Quevert, Pleudihen sur Rance, Aucaleuc, Bobital, Brusvily, Lanvallay, La Vicomté sur Rance, Le Hinglé, Le Quiou, Léhon, Saint Carné, Saint Hélen, Saint Samson sur Rance, Tréfumel, Trélivan, Trévron, or Vildé Guingalan, the rubbish collection tax is issued by Dinan Communauté.
The tax is sent to you in July to be paid by mid September. 

Paper, cardboard, glass, tins etc must be recycled and not mixed with your ‘normal’ rubbish.
Check with your mairie where the recycling areas are.

If you wish to get rid of some items that still work, you can visit Emmaus, a charity in France.
See my previous posts about Emmaus in France. 

For assistance with your French house, please contact me here

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