Monday, 24 August 2015

How to set up a contract with EDF for your new home in France

To open an account with EDF for your new home in France,   

EDF will ask you for:

  • ·       Your full name
  • ·       Your French address
  • ·       The name of the previous owners or tenants
  • ·       The readings
  • ·       Your French bank details (RIB)
  • ·       If you want the bills to be sent to the UK or anywhere else then your foreign address

Bills are sent every two months. It is best to set up a monthly direct debit. It gets readjusted when EDF come and read the meter twice a year.

You will pay a flat fee (abonnement) and consumption retroactively (consommation). Consumption is often estimated based on how many weeks you will be in your French home (if it is a holiday home) and how many people will be staying.

To set up a contract with EDF, call this number: 0969 393302.
If you require assistance, please contact me here.

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