Thursday, 15 July 2010

Robert Doisneau exhibition

This morning I visited Robert Doisneau exhibition in Dinan. 120 black and white photos. I thought I would recognize most of them (I have 4 at home!) but it was not the case. To my surprise, I only knew less than a third of them!

We arrived at the right time, just before 11am, on time for the guided tour! Every day they have a guided tour at 11am. They don’t charge extra for the tour.

It took us about 1 hour to walk round it.

The 3D picture was amazing. It was done especially for this exhibition. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos!

If you like black and white photos, go and see this exhibition. It is on until 30th September 2010.

It is at the back of the theatre at the Centre de rencontres économiques et culturelles. It is very well-sign posted. Just follow the signs!

Entrance fee: €5

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